The Student in Distress Fund was established in 2015 by the EBE Undergraduate Student Council (EBESC), to assist fellow students who were in dire need of financial assistance. There were students in the faculty who were sleeping in the labs, and had no money for food.

This season of the global Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most challenging times of our lives. But thanks to generous donations we have been able to assist some of our students and make life a little easier for them.

This year our focus was on assisting students who had problems with their laptops and were falling behind in their work as they were unable to participate online. The fund helped to fix two laptops and purchased 14 new laptops.

An example of the emails I receive for assistance with a laptop:

I am a third-year student, and I've come across a massive problem. The laptop that I have been using for ERT has been giving me problems, particularly with crashing and not being able to start up properly. This morning it decided to crash completely, and any attempt and rebooting and repairing has been unsuccessful. This has greatly affected my work and put me in a lot of distress, seeing as it is project week and it can only be done on the computer.

We  also assisted two students with emergency travel as there had been a death in the family, and they needed to return home. With the semester going on until mid-December, many students were unable to afford the bus tickets home as the ticket prices nearly double in December. We were able to buy bus tickets for 31 students.

The fund also helped a student who was experiencing severe headaches with new spectacles.

Below are some responses from the students who the fund has assisted. They are always so grateful for the assistance.

  • I want to thank you and the person who was helping me with the money; I'm really grateful. I couldn't finish this academic year without your support. Thank you so much.
  • I thank you very much for being of great help! I will use this moment as a drive for my excellence. Knowing that you contributed to my success surely motivates me to work even harder to be more successful. 
  • I am humbly sorry for sending this email on the weekend it is just that I could not wait for Monday to tell you how thankful I am for the laptop. I just received a laptop now, and I thank you very much for such great help. 
  • This motivates me to do my best and work hard to avoid such situations in the near future. I hope to work my best to contribute to the faculty, which has supported me in these difficult times.
  • I do not have enough words to express how happy I am grateful and thank you for helping me I will forever be grateful thank so much and send my blessing to the other kind staff and Alumni that came through for me I will travel safe and happy holidays to you and your families again thank you so much

We are very grateful for the ongoing support. You are helping to make a difference in the lives of some of our students who need it most.

We want to support as many students as possible so please consider contributing.

For further information please contact:

Mary Hilton

Tel:      +27 21 650-4108

Email:  Mary Hilton

We have several convenient ways in which you can make your donation to the EBE Student in Distress Fund. Our online credit card system is safe and only takes a few minutes to complete.Your reference should be EBE SOS. 

You will get an 18A tax certificate.

Once a deposit or electronic payment has been made, please notify us by email at explaining what the donation is for.

If you live outside of South Africa and would like to make a donation, you can do so in the following countries: Canada, USA, UK and Australia. All donations to UCT are tax-deductable.

Donate to Student in Distress Fund

To make a generous tax-deductible donation to the fund, please deposit in the account below:

Banking Details for Donations

Bank name                         Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

Account name                   UCT Donations Account

Branch name                     Rondebosch

Branch code                       02 50 09

Account number              07 152 2387

Type of account                Current

Swift address                     SBZAZAJJ

REFERENCE                     EBE SOS