Brief description of some projects carried out in 2019:

  • Biological Sciences, UCT

    Eleanor Weideman: Quantifying plastic pollution in the Orange and Vaal rivers

  • Biotechnology, UWC

    Marlene Du Preez: Green synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles from Pyrus communis L Bon Rouge and Packham's Triumph fruit

    Tina Nsenga: Investigation of the Antimicrobial Effects of Phyto-synthesized

  • Biotechnology, WITS

    Andrea Papadopoulus: Cell wall hydrolases in mycobacterium sp

  • Chemical and Forensic Sciences, Botswana University of Science and Technology

    Ellen Mwenesongole: Microscopic characterization of animal hair

  • Chemical Biology, ICGEB

    Dada Temilola: Tumor exosome cargo as a source of novel biomarkers for organ-confined and metastatic prostate cancer

  • Chemical Engineering, UCT

    Avela Kunene: Pt/Au as a promoter for supported cobalt catalysts
    Cara Davidson: Electron Beam Lithography to Create Nano-arrayed Grids on Copper 
    Chelsea Tucker: Zinc Alumate as a novel support for Fischer Tropsch synthesis at high conversion
    Christopher Mullins: Iron-based alloys as catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation 
    Dominic De Oliveira: Phase and structural changes of nickel catylysts as a function of reaction conditions.
    Flash Colombe Tchono: Reuse of treated textile effluent using cobalt oxide and sulphate radicals
    Gerard Letaba: Catalytic properties of Pt-based bimetallic catalysts
    Jacolien du Plessis: Antisolvent crystallization of rare earth sulfates using fluidised bed reactor
    Jessica Chamier: Ceramic catalyst support materials.
    Joe Itota: The interaction between ionomer molecules and supported catalyst
    Katjia Shaik: Dissolution of PtS in iodide-iodine solution
    Khasu Motlokoa: Synthesis of water gas shift reaction catalysts
    Luis Lazcano: Electrochemical behaviour of chalcopyrite in chloride system
    Masana Mhinga: Development of foam reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
    Mavis Lewis: Alternative Support Materials for Reversal Tolerance in PEMFC
    Mohamed Hassan Moydien: The Development of Protocal for the Testing of Reversal Tolerant Anodes for use in Low Temperature PEM Fuel Cells
    Moritz Wolf: Phase transformations in Fischer-Tropsch Co catalysts
    Naomi Harrisankar :Design, construction and commission of a optical fibre photo-reactor 
    Nomxolisi Dywili: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Research and Technology Development Green Technology contributing to the Hydrogen Economy
    Ntokozo Mzolo: Monolith Catalyst Supports for Hydrogen Production
    Nyasha Mawungwe: Fabrication of PEM Electrolyser CCMs by Ultrasonic Spraying
    Palesa Diale:Environmental aspects of algal bio-process technology, with specific focus on metal removal and bioenergy
    Raeesa Mohamed: Electrolyser catalyst and CCM research
    Richard Martin: Atomic Scale Characterisation of Pt-Re/CeO2 for the Water Gas Shift Reaction
    Rob Huddy: Biological sulphate reduction
    Shaine Raseale: ODH of ethane with CO2 over MO support
    Silethukuthula Mathe: Effect of manganese concentration on the CO adsorption over Co/SiO2 Fischer-Tropsch catalyst
    Sinqobile Vuyisile Mahlaba: Methane Oxidation
    Taona Chagwedera: Gypsum seeding to prevent scale formation and improve separation efficiency
    Thulani Nyathi: Crystallite size-effects of Co3O4 catalysts on the preferential oxidation of CO in H2-rich gases
    Tita Labi: Iridium dioxide as a triple layer OER catalyst in low temperature PEMFCs
    Tlaleng Lemeke: MAX phases as electrocatalysts supports for fuel cells
    Veruschia Padayachee: Synthesis of pure hcp co nanoparticles for FT synthesis
    Ziba Shabir Hussein: Synthesis of supported iridium oxide ecolution electrocatylists

  • Chemical Engineering, CPUT

    Fraser, I: Industrial feasibility of high gas conversion. Supervisor: A.Rabiu
    Mompati, B: Effect of particle size of weighting agents on drilling fluid. Supervisor: D. Ikhu-Omoregbe
    Shabani, J: Synthesis of clay based catalysts for bioethanol conversion. Supervisor: N. Udi

  • Chemistry, UCT

    Ana de Sousa: Virtual screening as a tool to discover new β-haematin inhibitors with activity against malaria parasites
    Jill Combrink: Synthetic Hemozoin (β-Hematin) Crystals.
    Roxy Openshaw: In vitro modelling of cellular haemozoin formation and inhibition by B-haematin inhibitors and their derivatives

  • Chemistry, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

    Alafara Baba: Processing of chalcopyrite ore using leaching, solvent extraction and precipitation

  • Chemistry, UWC

    Nafeesah Smith: MCDI evaluation and industrial stack development
    Nobonke: Peptide-loaded Chitosan/PAA nanoparticles
    Shonny Nkuna: Development of a nanotechnology-based rapid diagnostic system for the detection of soil-transmitted helminthiasis
    Tendai Tawonezvi: Development of Nickel-Iron Batteries
    Winnie Monama: Catalytic olefin oligomerization over modified multi-porous zeolites

  • Chemistry, CPUT

    Michael Ovbare Akharame: Beta-FeOOH/polymer nanocomposites for remediation of wastewater

  • Chemistry, Vaal University of Technology

    Elvera Viljoen: Value from waste: Bioreactor selection for the production of the value products from wastewater

  • Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Stellenbosch

    Gule, N: ZnO doped membranes for H2O treatment
    Joshua Hensberg: The Preparation of Fluorous-Stabilized Au Nanoparticle Catalysts for the Biphasic Transformation of Olefins
    Karly Ament: NVP Maleic Anhydride drug delivery system for chemotherapeutics
    Lambert Paulse: Porous carbon and ceramic nanocomposite nanofibres
    Mauritz Pretorius: Ternary hydrogel blends for medical applications
    Nonkosi Matinise: The synthesis of hydrophilic metal nanoparticles and their evaluation as catalysts in biphasic catalysis

  • Civil Engineering, UCT

    Daniel Adeleke: An Investigation into the Effects of Asperities on Geomembrane-Geotextile Interface Shear Characteristics

  • Centre for Materials Engineering, UCT

    Chenesai Nyakunu: The mechanical effects of manufacturing Ti6Al4V parts as function of high speed selective laser melting practice
    Graham Morris: Anisotropy in AA5182 Aluminium Alloy
    Hiranya Naiker: Parametric study on the compactibility of Ti-6Al-4V during direct powder rolling
    Innocent Mutsakatira: The effect of the surface condition of aluminium ingot (AA 3003) during roll bonding with the clad aluminium alloy AA4343
    Josephine Ngoase: The effect off alloying elements on the hardenability and microstructure development in carbon steel
    Sipokazi Mabuwa: Comparative Study between the Processed and Unprocessed TIG Welded Joints
    Soraya von Willingh: Prior austenite grain boundries

  • Cardio Vascular Research Unit, UCT

    Jandre De Villiers: Degradation of novel polyurethane

  • Drug Discovery and Development Centre, UCT

    Lauren Arendse: Plasmodium Kinases

  • Geological Sciences, UCT

    Ibiyemi Prisca Ogungbuyi: Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the source regions of Phanerozoic carbonatites and associated alkaline rocks
    Jahaziel Nkere: Geochemistry of central African Kimberlites
    Martin Giger: Rare earth element thermobarometry of South African peridotite xenolith suites from diamondiferous kimberlites
    Wendy Taylor: Fossils from the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary in RSA

  • Hair and Skin Research Lab, UCT

    Claire van den Berg: The structural and mechanical properties of hair

  • Human Biology, UCT

    Florian Hipper: Nanoplastics in fishbrains
    Rosslee Guess: Design and Development of an Electrospun Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve for Tissue Engineering

  • Integrated Biomedical Science, UCT

    Alexander Giddey: Mycobacterial Response to Drug Stress
    Lizelle Lubbe: Structural biology of angiotensin converting enzyme
    Nicolette Hendricks: Hand held biosensor for detecting pathogens via surface enhanced RAMAN scattering.
    Phillip Venter: Structural elucidation of a novel OlsB protein
    Risa Bagwandin: SERS based assay for the detection of mycobacterial lipids in patient

  • iThemba Labs 

    Hamza Mohamed: Biosynthesis of Rare Earth Oxides

  • Mechanical Engineering, UCT

    Chantelle Kee Tui: Glass Micro drilling with the implementation of ultrasonic motion
    Mcebo Mahlalela: Design and Development of cryogenic grinder for seaweed
    Mitchell Antonites: Refurbishment of high speed bio-generator with SPM configuration

  • Medical Biochemistry and Structural Biology, UCT

    Melissa Marx: Characterising host cellular mechanisms modulating HPV entry

  • Medical Bioscience, UWC

    Taahirah Boltman: The development of targeting nanosystems for the treatment of glioblastoma and neuroblastoma tumours

  • Medical Virology, UCT

    Philindile Ximba: Recombinant expression, characterization and immunology of zero induced protein bodies

  • Molecular and Cell Biology, UCT

    Alta Van Zyl: HPV vaccine development
    Chrissie Maddock: Understanding desiccation tolerance in the resurrection plant Eragrostis nindensis: towards increased food security
    Inge Pietersen: Production of a pant-produced VLP-based vaccine candidate against Bovine Papillomavirus
    Kyle Naylor: The development of therapeutics and DNA vaccines using a phage antibody display library for disease management
    Keren Cooper: Biochemical, genetic, physiological and cellular research in desiccation plants.
    Lee French: Histone H2A: a potential antimicrobial peptide in the South African abalone, Haliotis midae
    Shelley Fearon: Generating plant-produced African Horse sickness virus specific SCFv antibodies and VP7 crystalline particles for candidate vaccine studies
    Sue Dennis: Development of a virus-like particle vaccine against African horse sickness

  • Pathology, UCT

    Leah Whittle: Novel expression systems and vaccine vectors for production of recombinant T. parva antigens for the prevention of ECF
    Lucian Duvenage: Investigation of Emergomyces africans virulence-associated traits
    Veneshley Samuels :Investigation of Mycobacterial Cell Wall genes required for survival in macrophages

  • Physics, UCT

    Denislav Marinov: Capacitive Nanostructures
    Oliver Funk: Towards the Manipulation of Electrons on Superfluid Helium
    Salahuddeen Ahmad: Low temperature electron transport

  • Physics, UNISA

    Moussa Bakayoko: Optical Properties of a New Supramolecular Material, Holmium Cucurbituril Coordination Complexes for Photonic Application

  • Physics, Tshwane University of Technology

    Kutlwano Segola: Ion beam analysis of polyaniline thin films

  • Physics, UWC

    Floyd Mabiala: Pb-Sn binary perovskite solar cell by chemical vapour deposition
    Kudzai Sithole: Criteria for Al as a current collector in Li-ion batteries

  • Surgery, UCT

    Silindile Ngcobo: Characterisation of a heparinised fibrin derivative as a bioactive reagent delivery vehicle

  • Textile Science, NMU

    Ricardo Scheepers: Durability of Thermal properties of phase change materials