Microstructure of AA3104 can-body stock illustrating flow and plastic strain path after high temperature plane strain compression testing using the Gleeble 3800. Sample was anodised and viewed under polarised light. Image by Chase Hyde.

The Centre for Materials Engineering has enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with Hulamin Rolled Products (Pietermaritizburg) and have undertaken many postgraduate projects on their behalf over the past 25 years, at Honours, MSc and PhD levels. During this period, the CME has established itself as the leading research centre in South Africa in the field of wrought aluminium products and processes. In addition, the CME has developed specific techniques and hardware for wrought aluminium process simulation, as well as advanced techniques for material analysis and classification. This development has been underpinned by the co-support provided by the DST Advanced Metals Initiative, and more specifically the Light Metals Development Network