4-year program example in Civil Engineering

Venue 1 (eg Snape TS 3B)

Venue 2 (eg Snape TS 3B)


Example illustrations:

Fourth Year

One 4th year course per week would be scheduled. For example, in week1 CIV4041F would have three full-day slots. One cohort would attend on Monday, the second on Tuesday and the third on Wednesday. The students in CIV4046F would follow the same pattern in week 2.

Each student will spend one day per week on campus.


Third Year

CIV3044F is a project-based course. In week1 cohort 1 would start the project on Thursday, while cohorts 2 and 3 work on the lecture material remotely. Cohort2 would work on their projects in contact mode on Thursday in the second week, with cohorts 1 and 3 working remotely. Etc. This means that each student would spend 4 full days on campus during the semester to work on their projects with mentorship and guidance.

CIV3042F and CIV3034F are engineering science courses. Cohort2 comes in on Friday for tutorial assistance on both courses, CIV3042F in the morning and CIV3043F in the afternoon.

Each cohort would spend 2 days on campus every 3 weeks. (Note that different cohorts would be on campus in the same week)


Second year

Included in the on-campus activities in second year will be specific cohort building exercises. These may take the form of CIV2042F practicals or projects or some other activity.

The engineering science course will cycle through Friday, where a single cohort attends 2 or 3 tuts for different subjects. The students and the venue will not change through the day, although the subjects may change.

Each student will spend 2 days on campus for every 3 week cycle (8 full days on campus)


First year

One cohort will attend MEC1007F on campus on Thursday, while the next is on campus for CIV1005W on Friday. Each student will attend one day in drawing and one day in CIV1005W every 3 weeks.

In addition, optional sign-up tutorials could be run for 1st and 2nd year MAM and 1st year PHY courses. Depending on the uptake, students may be limited to a maximum number of sessions. This is a potentially place to deploy ‘supertutors’ able to cover all the MAM and PHY courses? Or could ASPECT run these for their students with signup space for 4 year program students?