BSc (Eng) Mechanical Engineering

- a solid understanding of the materials and forces of nature

Just about everything that has movable parts has been mechanically engineered - from the smallest part in a micro sensor to the mega systems of a spacecraft. Your UCT degree is a rigorous scientific programme structured around the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, mechanical engineering, basic electrical engineering, the design process, control systems and management studies.

Focus is on the instruction of solid mechanics, dynamics and thermo-fluids, accompanied by experimental verification. Communication skills are honed through instruction and applied in reports of experimentation and design. Design is central where team skills as well as individual skills are developed.

Curriculum flexibility in the final year allows students to select courses that can provide an introduction to a career in Mechanical Engineering.


Most industries use forms of mechanical systems. This makes mechanical engineering one of the most diverse of all engineering disciplines with careers in a wide range of sectors. These include management of people and resources, development and use of new materials and technologies, researching and developing medical products, improving production in old refineries and designing building services.