Ethics Applications

If you are planning to undertake research in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment you will need to ensure that you have read the latest revision of the EBE EiR Handbook

EBE staff, students, as well as external persons or parties linked to EBE - planning to undertake research, must apply for ethics clearance.

Note: When applying for ethics clearance, researchers and students should first complete the PSQ (Pre-screening Questionnaire - see EBE PSQ manual below). This mainly consists of answering “Yes” or “No” to approximately 12 questions. The outcome of the PSQ will determine if a student needs to submit a full ethics application or not. 

Ethics clearance applications must be submitted via UCT’s electronic research administration (eRA) system.

-        eRA login

-        For guidance and eRA system-related support, see here or log a call

Guides for EBE Ethics Management

Research involving UCT students and staff

For research involving UCT students as research subjects, you will need additional approval from the Executive Director, Department of Student Affairs, Mr Pura Mgolombane

For research involving UCT staff as research subjects, you will need to contact the office of the Executive Director, Human Resources, Miss Zoe Cosmopoulos

Four types of research are considered:

  1. Research that does not involve humans or animals.
  2. Research that involves interviews of human participants.
  3. Research that involves the performance of clinical tests on humans. (Please consult the Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee)
  4. Research that uses or involves animals. (Please consult the Health Sciences Animal Ethics Committee)

2023 EBE Departmental Administrators and Departmental Authorities


Admin Team
(PSQs not to be routed to the Administrator)

Department Authority
(PSQs need to be routed to the relevant Departmental Authority)
Landscape Architecture,
Urban Design & Conservation
Mcebisi Mdluli Dr Anna Selmeczi
Dr Mercy Brown-Luthango
Planning & Architecture Naomi Gihwala Dr Moreblessings Shoko (Geomatics)
Geomatics Junita Abrahams Dr Cecil Madell
(City & Regional Planning)
African Centre for Cities Faranaaz Bennett Stella Papanicolaou (ACC)
Chemical Engineering Postgrad: Belinda Davids
Undergrad: Bridget Cloete
Dr Thobani Gambu /Ms Tracey van Heerden), Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering Postgrad: Rowen Geswindt
 Undergrad: Lorenzo Plat
Prof Alphose Zingoni (alt Mr Gundo Maswime) Civil Engineering.
Construction Economics & Management Hon & Undergrad: Jamie-Lee Swarts
Postgrad: Mareldia Fagodien
Dr Frank Ametefe (alt Dr Elizabeth Musvoto) Construction Economics & Management.
Electrical Engineering Postgrad: Nicole Moodley
Undergrad: Verona Langenhoven
Dr Sampath Jayalath (alt Prof Komla Folly), Electrical Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering Postgrad: Denise Botha
Undergrad: Rosalind Maree
A/Prof Thorsten Becker (alt Prof Tunde Bello Ochende), Mechanical Engineering.
Servicing Officer - Ethics in Research Committee Khanyisa Tivaringe EBE Faculty Office