Geomatics is both an applied science and a professional discipline. It involves an integrated approach to measurement, analysis, management and display of spatial data. Geomatics professionals use the latest satellite, laser, acoustic, and information technology and are continually branching into new challenging areas of specialisation.

Career opportunities exist in both government and private practice for graduates in the fields of surveying, land administration, geographic information science, software development, environmental science, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and other spatial sciences

What is geomatics?


Geomatics is a varied discipline in which geographical information systems, remote sensing, and surveying are the three broad areas of specialisation.

Is it for me? 


To excel in geomatics, you will need a mathematical, scientific, and technical aptitude combined with an interest in geography and the environment. It is also an ideal career for people who enjoy the idea of working outdoors. You will work with sophisticated electronic equipment and computers and be involved in the areas of land development, environmental management, and/or engineering projects.

Career opportunities


Geomatics graduates have excellent employment prospects, with a shortage of professionals in surveying, geographic information science, and remote sensing in South Africa. Career opportunities exist for various categories of surveyors, planners, GIS specialists, GIS and GPS software developers, environmental scientists, geologists (who have a specific interest in GIS and spatial analysis), photogrammetry, and remote sensing specialists.