Study place for transferring students may be limited for reasons of capacity.

Transferring from another university

To qualify for admission as a transferring undergraduate, an applicant who has studied at another university must have at least:

  • Full or mature age matriculation exemption (see the Matriculation Board)
  • The minimum Faculty Point score currently required for admission to the programme
  • Met the faculty's minimum re-admission requirements on the basis of the previous year's performance. (A transferring student from another higher education institution must have an appropriate successful record from the previous institution.)

You must submit an academic transcript as soon as this is available.

It is unlikely that you will be accepted if you have not taken a full course load.  An application can only be considered once your academic transcript has been received by the Faculty Office.

Transferring students, if accepted, may receive, for courses passed, credit or exemption or both provided these are recognised as equivalent to courses offered at UCT and are accepted by the deputy dean for the purpose of the programmes students wish to take.

Transferring students will be required to complete the remaining courses presented for the degree at this university over a period of not less than two years.

Current UCT students applying for undergraduate transfers

If you are currently registered for an undergraduate programme at UCT and wish to transfer to another faculty other than Health Sciences or another programme in your faculty, you are not required to submit a new application but must consult with the faculty that you wish to transfer to. 

If you are in EBE and wish to transfer to another department within EBE, you need to apply to the department using the ACA09 form.  It is a good idea to go and visit the department you wish to transfer to and chat to them about transferring. The department will check your matric results, and often will wait for the end of year results before making a decision.