All of your most frequently asked general admissions questions, answered.

  • Are NBTs required for admission into the EBE Faculty?

    All undergraduate applicants who are a resident or at school in South Africa (including non-South African citizens) must write the NBTs in Academic Literacy, Quantitative Literacy and Mathematics. The results of the NBTs are not taken into account for admission for the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment but must be written. For more details on the NBTs, please see for details.

  • When applying, can you choose more than one department within EBE Faculty?

    Yes – your first and second choice can be for different departments within the EBE Faculty.

  • Is it possible to transfer from another faculty to EBE?

    Yes, you can, but you will need to have met the admission requirements in your final school leaving certificate. You will apply via You will need to submit a copy of your transcript which will be sent to the head of the department, who will assess how well you have done.

  • Are your maths and physics points doubled, like in the Science Faculty?

    No. You will take Maths, Physics and English plus your next best 3 subjects and add them up. No doubling.

  • If you are an international student, are school-leaving examination results enough to be considered for admission?

    Please visit the website to find what the international admission requirements .

  • Is there any way to do architecture without having done physics or core maths but had done EGD (engineering and design) or Maths Literacy?

    You need to have mathematics to be accepted into architecture. You do not need physics.

  • Are scholarships offered to first-year students?

    There are entrance scholarships that are offered to the top applicants. You can find information here.

  • What can I do to ensure I am accepted?

    To be confident that you will be accepted, you want to achieve the points required under Band A.

  • Is there a mentorship programme for first years?

    Yes – during orientation, every first-year student  will be allocated a mentor who is a senior student in their department.

  • What is the difference between BEng and BSc in engineering?

    There is no difference. They are identical in the eyes of the South African Qualifications Association (SAQA). It is a historical difference between the engineering programmes offered by originally English (BSc(Eng) vs Afrikaans (BEng) institutions.

  • Do you need to do in-service training in industry, and if yes, does the department assist in finding the training?

    All degrees require students to vac work, once or maybe twice during their degree. The departments will assist the students as much as they can, but students should also be networking and engaging with industry to find vac work. You can find out about the vac work requirements in the handbook.

  • How do you treat AP Maths? Can it be used as one of your other 3 subjects or do you ignore the AP mark?

    You do not include AP maths when calculating your points.

  • Which marks are more important for acceptance? Grade 11? Mid-term Grade 12 or final results?

    For conditional offers, we would consider final grade 11 results, Grade 12 mid-year and September marks.  Firm offers are made on receipt of final school leaving results.