The disciplines of engineering and the built environment have a key role to play in improving the world we live in. Bringing our research in line with the developmental needs of society and industry guarantees that our work is highly relevant and attractive to funders.

Strategic areas of focus include benchmarking the reputation of our academic staff internationally through the National Research Fund rating system and registering staff with the Emerging Researcher Programme with the aim of developing researchers and increasing research output.

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Research innovation


EBE Talks

Dive into the cutting-edge world of EBE research with EBE Talks! The EBE Talks projects share their research findings through short videos, abstracts, and peer-reviewed articles. The studies were developed by individual researchers and/or research groups from the faculty. 
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The Menzi Design Lab

The Menzi Design Laboratory is envisioned to provide a world-class design and production environment to students and researchers,so that they can transform their ideas into prototypes and IP, using design for manufacture principles (DMF).

A space and environment for the UCT community to turn ideas into real, tangible objects, to collaborate, share-spaces, be creative, to tinker and learn.  

For more information contact Yusuf Vawda, Menzi Design Laboratory Specialist on | 0826663222 

Research News


Reimagining the African norm for smart cities

The unique challenges inherent in African cities demand a reframing of the “norm” of smart urbanism to ensure true transformation through technology, Professor Nancy Odendaal cautioned during her inaugural lecture to mark her promotion.
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Blowing things up for science

Professor Steeve Chung Kim Yuen’s inaugural lecture, titled “Urban blast loading: An insight into scaling” was held on Tuesday, 10 October, in the Snape Building and attended by his peers, family, students, and former students.
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