The Academic Support Programme for Engineering in Cape Town (ASPECT) provides academic support for students who have entered into an engineering degree at UCT and find that they cannot cope in their 1st year of studies.

The Programme provides a supportive environment that is sensitive to students' academic, social and emotional needs. The curriculum is planned so that the four-year degree is spread over five years, giving the students more time to focus on the core first year courses. Extra support is given to students in the Mathematics and Physics courses to help students master these courses, as they are fundamental in the follow-on engineering courses in the degree.

The mathematics course is taught by staff in ASPECT and extra tutorials and a workshop are added to help. The Physics lectures, tutorials and workshop are conducted by ASPECT staff, while the laboratory sessions are offered by the physics department.

Students who continue with engineering at UCT will complete, in their second year, the remaining first year courses, one major second year course, namely the Mathematics course for engineers, and up to two courses from the second-year engineering curriculum. ASPECT will provide additional tutorial and non-academic support during this year.

In the third year, students complete the remaining second year courses together with appropriate courses from the third-year curriculum, while ASPECT continues to provide non-academic support and counselling. ASPECT staff will monitor and advise students while they complete the remaining degree requirements.

Each engineering department (Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical) has a five-year curriculum designed for students who seek ASPECT support and these can be found in the EBE Handbook.