Frequently Asked Questions, and answers, about our Mechanical Engineering Application Requirements.

  • What is the difference between UCT’s mechanical and mechatronic engineering, and mechanical engineering?

    You can find out more about the differences here.

    Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering degree is best for people with an interest in mechanical design, electronics and programming/control.

    Mechatronics degree is best of people with a strong interest in electronics, programming and control of systems who would like an understanding of mechanisms.

  • Can I do aeronautical engineering at UCT?

    We give you a solid undergraduate degree with the skills which can lead to postgraduate degrees specialising in aeronautics. In the Department, we have one of the top researchers, Professor Arnaud Malan, in aeronautical engineering in the country. He is presently working with Airbus and you can apply to do your postgraduate degree with him. You can find out more information on the Computational Fluid Dynamics website

  • What are some postgraduate opportunities after doing a BSc in Mechanical Engineering?

    You can find our postgraduate degrees on the website

  • You will need to meet all the requirements listed (WPS/FPS, NSC Maths and NSC Physics - with your interim results) in order to receive a conditional offer. See the admission requirements

  • Is mechatronics a part of the mechanical engineering department?

    We offer a Mechanical and Mechatronic degree and the Department of Electrical Engineering offers a Mechatronic degree. 

  • Does UCT offer aircraft engineering (aeronautical)?

    In our postgraduate programmes yes, please send me an email for more information.

  • How can Mechanical Engineers contribute to the making of renewable energy sources?

    Mechanical engineers will work on the structures for renewable energy – e.g. PVC cell on the roof; wind turbine, hydro energy structures. They will be part of a team and design the structures and integrate the electronics.

  • Is it possible to transfer from construction studies to mechanical engineering, and if so what would the process be?

    You would need to apply online. Your application will be reviewed by the department against the transferring applicant pool in the current admission cycle. A formal application allows the Faculty Office to properly monitor your application and communicate with you regarding any additional information required. If you have any further queries, you are welcome to email (please include your student number).

  • Can you advise if in-service training is part of the degree?

    For the BSc degree, we do not require in-service training. We have a requirement for vacation training which is a short one to two month period, twice during your degree, where you will go out to industry and get some experience of what it is like to work in an industrial environment.