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The Dean of EBE, Professor Alison Lewis, encourages prospective students to #ChooseUCT.



Join us on a virtual tour adventure through UCT's EBE facilities

Dive into an exciting 360° virtual adventure, immersing yourself in the dynamic centre of innovation at the renowned University of Cape Town's Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment (EBE).


Hear from our past first year students


I have enjoyed all aspects of the programme which range from the different courses and how much support was placed forward to our aid as first years. One of the highlights for me has been the course MEC1005W. It provided a hands-on understanding of mechanics, delving into how things work and the underlying principles behind them. The practical aspects, including group projects, were especially engaging. Looking ahead, I'm excited about the prospect of entering the field of automotive mechanics after graduation. I'm confident the programme will continue equipping me with valuable knowledge and skills to pursue this passion.

Dzina Tshitangoni 
Department of Mechanical Engineering: First year student 



Adam young

I have enjoyed exploring the way our physical world interacts with itself in subjects like physics and chemistry. I have always been interested in how and why things happen and now I have a much greater understanding.

Adam Young 
Department of Chemical Engineering: First year student  

EBE Early Bird Information Session video

In case you missed the EBE Early Bird Information Session. Stay connected and informed with our video recap. 


EBE degree accreditations

  • Our Engineering degrees are accredited through the Washington Accord* 
  • The Architecture degrees are accredited through the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.  
  • The Geomatics degree are accredited through the South African Geomatics Council. 
  • Degrees in Construction and Property Studies are accredited through the Chartered Institute of Building and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

*List of Washington Accord countries
Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States 

Funding your studies

Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Students
Student Financial Aid is responsible for the administration of financial assistance to eligible students. For more information, please visit the website.   

Student housing & residence Life

Student Housing & Residence Life (SH&RL) at UCT strives to ensure that a living and learning environment is the foundation of its residence culture.

Every effort is made to ensure that students’ residence life experience will foster their holistic development as well as being fully supportive of their academic programme.

Residence life is a special experience. Staying in a UCT residence is an extension of students’ university education, where they can benefit from all the facilities and services such as student learning centres, social and sporting activities, life-skills and peer-tutoring programmes.

A residence is a community in which one meets a range of diverse students and forges life-long friendships.

Housing eligibility criteria for first-time entering undergraduates: first-tier student accommodation

Student highlights

Faculty highlights

Open Day Collage

Student support service


The faculty has a dedicated student counsellor, Nazeema Ahmed, who is a clinical psychologist and can be contacted for phychological and mental health support.  

Mentoring of first-year students

To assist first-year students settle in and to cope with new challenges, the faculty has implemented a system of mentoring of first year students. Each first-year student will be assigned a mentor from their department.

Expect your mentor to meet with you in the first few weeks of term and arrange how additional meetings will take place. A mentor is not a tutor - academic assistance is handled in class or in tutorials by a lecturer or tutor. Your mentor is there for informal support, advice, information and referral. Whether struggling in class or with a personal issue, it is important to speak to someone. Do not leave any difficulties unattended - resolve them as soon as possible.

Disability Service

The UCT Disability Service works to remove any physical, policy, information and attitude barriers that might prevent students and staff from fulfilling their potential. Read more

Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Service offers a comprehensive outpatient health service by both medical practitioners and nurses, who are dedicated to helping students to remain healthy, and to make the correct life choices while pursuing their academic goals. Read more

Careers Service (CS)

The Careers Service aims to promote student awareness of the importance of cultivating career management skills as an integral part of their university learning experience. Read more

EBE Cares

EBE Cares aims to provide the campus community and prospective students with access to a central point of contact for any information or services that they may need. EBE Cares has a central inbox that is maintained by multiple EBE Cares agents who are trained in addressing and redirecting queries to ensure that the EBE community can connect to the many nodes of support that already exist with the university. To get in touch with one of them, please contact ebecares@uct.ac.za.