PhD Students 

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Alton Marx 

Power Plant Analytics 

Colin du Sart 

A Methodology for Thermofluid Design and Simulation of sCO2 Concentrated Solar Power Plants in Southern Africa

Jacques Matolla 

Thermofluid modelling of a biomass-fired hybrid steam boiler

Priyesh Gosai 

Whole boiler dynamic process model for a two pass subcritical coal-fired power plant

Rashid Haffejee  

A biomass-fueled combined steam and sCO2 heat and power cycle for Southern African conditions


Master's Students 

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Kristina Laugksch 

Development of a modelling methodology for using PINNs to study combined heat and power cycles using biomass as a fuel source

Liam Abrahams 

Development and modelling of a conceptual air-cooled atmospheric heat rejection system for Supercritical CO2 cycles

Pierre Bosch 

Dynamic modelling of a biomass fired boiler using Flownex

Tinashe Kadakure 

Calibration of empirical correlations applied in zero-dimensional furnace models for biomass fired boilers




Hennie du Plessis 

Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of air flow in a moving grate for a biomass boiler