Industrial Partners        


    John Thompson Boilers

    • John Thompson is a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd with its principal focus on being a global leader in energy and environmental solutions through value engineering and innovation
    • Boiler design and evaluation capabilities using state of the art lumped parameter heat transfer modelling, two-phase flow network analysis, CFD and data analytics. 
    • Expertise to do industrial and utility boiler operational assessments using a variety of tools including gas analysers, suction pyrometers, video based thermography and manometers with pitot tubes for static pressure or velocity traverses.


    Eskom Holdings SOC

    • Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923. The utility has 44 GW installed generating capacity and provides approximately 95% of electricity used in South Africa.
    • Primary sponsor of the ATProM Research Unit.
    • Access to plant design and operational data. 
    • Working directly with subject matter experts.
    • Supported by the Eskom Research and Testing Department.
    • Experienced engineers are given the opportunity to study with the Unit.


    M-Tech Industrial

    • Direct link to developers for support using Flownex.
    • Employees funded by M-Tech Industrial to join the Unit for studies.