Dolly Adeyemi
  Mariette Smart, Sue Harrison, Chris Bryan

Yi-Jou Elina Chen
Unravelling the interaction between microbial communities and the performance of bio-oxidation tank processes for gold recovery Mariette Smart, Sue Harrison

Deborah Chikukwa
Oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes in the presence of linear alkanes using a biofabricated Pd/Au catalyst Thanos Kotsiopoulos, Sue Harrison

Sarah Fernandes
Optimization of a hybrid linear flow channel reactor for semi-passive biological sulphate reduction. Sue Harrison

Msimelelo Gcayiya
Re-purposing of high sulphur South African coal waste discards through biohydrometallurgical techniques Sue Harrison, Juarez Amaral Filho

Amna Ghafeer
Value chain diversification in the sugar industry using quantitative economic forecasting models Siew Tai, Sue Harrison

Mivashya Govender
Tandem bio- chemo- catalytic systeMariette Smart for further oxidation of alkanes to aldehydes using a biofabricated Pd-Au catalyst on Escherichia coli scaffolds Thanos Kotsiopoulos, Sue Harrison

Katherine Hartzenberg-Aeroe
Fermented foods production using isolated Lactobacillus species for the improvement of vaginal health: the case of mageu and yoghurt Marijke Fagan-Endres, Brian Kullin

Lusanda  Hlela
Facilitating Oil Secretion in Endemic South African Microalgae for High Value Omega-3 Rich Oil and Commodity Biofuel Production Nodumo Zulu, Sue Harrison

James Hockey
Improving a process for C-phycocyanin production from Spirulina using aqueous two-phase systems Marjke Fagan-Endres, Sue Harrison

Uzair Kadir 
Scale-up of the phycocyanin extraction process from Spirulina Marjke Fagan-Endres, Sue Harrison

Thabo Mabuka

The recovery of valuable base metals from electronic waste using a biological matrix extracted from Black soldier flies. Elaine Govender-Opitz, Sue Harrison

Matome Petros Malatji
Quantifying microbial growth and colonisation of pure and mixed culture in heap bioleaching systems Elaine Govender-Opitz, Sue Harrison

Neo Maliela
ARD Prediction in Packed Beds of Co-disposed Coal Discards and Fine Coal Waste Sue Harrison

Tendani Manenzhe
Anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper wastewater for maximum biogas production. Nodumo Zulu, Sue Harrison

Kalpana Maraj
Hydraulic characteristics and nutrient degradation kinetics of a subsurface flow biofilter. Sue Harrison. Kevin Winter

Leo Maritz
The effect of pH and dissolved organic carbon on the growth kinetics of Ac. cupricumulans JTCJ and L ferriphilum HT pertinent to the BIOX® process. Sue Harrison

Lebohang Mphono

  Thanos Kotsiopoulos, Elaine Govender-Opitz, Sue Harrison

Mujaahidah Mohamed
  Siew Tai

Ngokoana Mokakabye

Nokuthula Msibi 
Optimising the production of thermostable phycocyanin in cyanobacteria and microalgae Mariette Smart, Nodumo Zulu

Rufaro Mukwenya
Tandem catalysis in the oxidation of linear alkanes to alcohols using P450 enzymes Thanos Kotsiopoulos

Leslie Murhonyi
Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from confectionary waste Sue Harrison

Ashley Mwendia
Sustainability of mine waste management options Thanos Kotsiopoulos

Sikozile Ncembu
Process optimization and scale-up for production of H22(scFv)-ETA targeting CD64 in Acute Myeloid Leakemia Sue Harrison, Siew Tai, Thanos Kotsiopoulos

Sumbo Oluwatosin

Impact of cryoprotectants during freeze drying on Lactobacillus plantarum viability and their role in enhancing probiotic storage stability

Siew Tai, Marjke Fagan-Endres

Joe Payne
Phycocyanin extraction from Spirulina - pretreatment options Marijke Fagan-Endres, Sue Harrison

Eloise Pretorius
Enhanced biological water treatment with plant fuel cell reactors Sue Harrison

Yael Raeburn

Tayana Raper

Value from Waste:  Bioreactor selection for the reduction of nutrient load and production of Poly-γ-glutamic acid Sue Harrison

Danielle Seeger

Selective hydroxylation of long chain alkane via CYP153 whole-cell biocatalysis Sue Harrison

Gianluca Shaer
Towards Low Energy Oxygen Mass Transfer for High Cell Density Bioprocesses: Impact of Reactor Design Sue Harrison, Marjke Fagan-Endres, Siew Tai

Michael Shaw

Optimising the process conditions for CYP153A6 mediated alkane activation within a growing E. coli growing sell system Siew TaiH, Thanos Kotsiopoulos

Karen Ssekimpi
Improved Phycocyanin Production in Spirulina: Investigating Light, Nitrogen and Carbon during cultivation Mariette Smart, Sue Harrison, Marjke Fagan-Endres

Athena Strauss
Process Design and Optimisation of E-waste Bioleaching Thanos Kotsiopoulos, Sue Harrison

Storm Strydom-Smith
Design of a novel, scalable, surface aerated photobioreactor Sue Harrison

Olivier Tambwe
Acid bio-desulphurisation of coal discards using heap leaching protocols Sue Harrison, Thanos Kotsiopoulos

Cari van Coller
Function and dynamic structure of a Technosol microbiome Sue Harrison, Mariette Smart, Juarez Amaral Filho

Frans van de Linde
Enhancing CO2 Mass Transfer in Algal Raceway Ponds through Wave Generation using Slopes Sue Harrison, Nodumo Zulu

Vushe  Wabatagore
The effect of water recycling and microbial load on the flotation of a PGM bearing ore Mariette Smart, Sue Harrison, Kirsten Corin

Andrew Williams
Techno-economic Evaluation of a Commercial c-Phycocyanin Extraction Process Marjke Fagan-Endres

Sisanda Zicina
The use of pulp and paper wastewater as a potential feedstock for eNodumo Zuluyme production Sue Harrison