Articles in international, accredited, peer -reviewed journals

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Books, Chapters in books and Proceedings authored and/or edited

  1. Ozinsky, A.E., 2010. Chapter 23: Purple Reign, November 1989. 1989: Democratic Revolutions at the Cold War’s End; A brief history with documents, Padraic Kenney. Bedford St. Martins ISBN 13: 978-0-312-48766-9

Scientific/scholarly presentations at conferences (invited contributions indicated)

International, published, peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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Research/technical reports to industry

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Water Research Commission published reports

  1. Lewis, A.E., Nathoo, J., Randall, D., Zibi, L. and Jivanji, R., May 2010. Novel technology for recovery of water and solid salts from hypersaline brines: Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Research Project No.1727/1/10, Water Research Commission, Private Bag, X03, Gezina, 0031, South Africa