Thorsten Becker

Associate Professor

Thorsten Becker is appointed as Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering while holding the role of the director for the Centre of Materials Engineering at the University of Cape Town. Prof Becker is also appointed in an extraordinary position in the Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering department at Stellenbosch University. Prof Becker’s research interest is in structural integrity: fatigue, fracture and creep. His work aims to use advanced techniques such as digital image and volume correlation, high-resolution microscopy and finite element modelling to measure and extract engineering parameters for structural integrity assessments. One of his keen interests lies in the additive manufacturing of metals and high temprature applications. His work closely collaborates with local and international institutions to develop a better understanding of the process inherent attributes and their link to the material’s structural performance. Prof Becker also acts on various professional bodies and consultants to industry, particularly in the field of Fracture Mechanics