1. To promote research collaboration across a range of cognate projects and fields in materials science and engineering: (i) with specific attention directed towards materials in manufacturing in order to support the development of a sustainable and competitive manufacturing industry in South Africa, and (ii) with specific attention directed towards the performance of materials in service in order to support component life cycle management in engineering plant, machinery and related systems.
  2. To define our research agenda: (i) to align with the context in (1) above, (ii) to meet the criteria and expectations of sponsors and potential sponsors, (iii) to match to our expertise and laboratory and equipment capabilities, (iv) to readily translate research output to research publications, and (v) to attract high quality postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  3. To provide workspace and facilities/infrastructure to readily support and promote engagement with researchers who share the common objectives described in (1) above.
  4. To seek and obtain financial support from a broad range of sponsors including government, NRF, industry, the University, and international funding opportunities.
  5. To publish research output in high quality peer-reviewed international and local journals and conference proceedings.
  6. To attract students and researchers from diverse backgrounds with particular emphasis on inclusivity and representation of the greater South African and African society.
  7. To contribute towards teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in order to promote awareness of the importance of materials science and engineering, and to assist in supporting the pipeline for graduates to register for higher degrees in materials engineering.