The Department of Construction Economics and Management is recognised as one of the leading academic departments of its kind in the country. We offer degrees that are accredited locally and internationally by professional institutions.

Our undergraduate degree programmes have strong core courses which are supplemented by service courses. This mix provides our students with an integrated educational experience, training them to be fully numerate and computer literate thereby providing skills that allow them to compete effectively in the marketplace for a wide variety of professions.

The staff in the department are active both in terms of research and in community involvement, and also enjoy strong international collaborative research links.

What does Construction Economics and Management entail?

The study of construction studies, quantity surveying, construction management and property studies at UCT typically entails a combination of fields associated with the built environment, namely management, law, economics, science and technology.

While any construction project requires the expertise of specialists such as architects and engineers, successful physical execution depends on the expertise of those with the appropriate management skills, a command of cost planning and cost management techniques, and a thorough understanding of the administrative and legal aspects of building developments.