This degree equips students with a wide range of skills and knowledge required of a managerial role in the construction industry. Over the three years of study, students are challenged with aspects that deal with design, construction and engineering technology as well as subjects such as economics, statistics, human resource management, commercial and contract law, costing, surveying and professional communication. Practical experience is a component in all three years’ curricula.

Aims of the Programme

To provide graduates to the construction, property, and related industries who possess entrepreneurial and business skills appropriate to a broad range of vocations in the built environment and, together with appropriate experience, meet the education requirements towards registration with the South African Council for Quantity Surveying Profession , Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Building, the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions; and to provide graduates with life skills.

Outcomes of the Programme

Upon completion of the BSc in Construction Studies programme, the graduate is competent to:

  • perform basic construction trade skills and set out buildings
  • use computer packages for computer-aided draughting presentation, scheduling and information processing
  • manage and prepare tender and contractual documents relating to building work
  • estimate cost and undertake financial management of construction projects
  • manage the construction of buildings and related infrastructure
  • manage the human resources within a construction firm
  • understand and evaluate economic issues concerning the construction sector and the construction firm at both a micro and macro level
  • understand the time value of money and apply discounted cash flow techniques for evaluating alternative property investments
  • communicate with construction professionals concerning spatial concepts, financial issues and construction assembly problems.

Programme Structure

The curriculum for the programme shall extend over not less than 3 academic years of study. A candidate shall complete approved courses to a value not less that 432 credits and shall comply with all the prescribed curriculum requirements which may in any given year exceed 432 credits.

Course Codes Course UCT Credits HEQSF Level
First Year
ACC1006F Financial Accounting I 18 5
CIV1006S Building Science I 16 5
CON1004W Construction Technology I 32 5
CON1007X Practical Training 0 5
CON1010S Construction Information Systems 8 5
ECO1010F Microeconomics 18 5
ECO1011S Macroeconomics 18 5
MEC1010F Engineering Drawing 8 5
MAM1010F Mathematics 1010 18 5
STA1000S Stats 1000 18 5
Total   154  
Second Year
ACC2042H Management Acc for non-specialists 16 6
APG2026F Elementary Surveying 16 6
CML1001F Business Law I 18 6
CML2005F Labour Law I 18 6
CON2006W Construction Technology II 32 6
CON2013X Practical Training 0 6
CON2020S Construction Management I 16 6
CON2034S Professionalism in BE 12 6
CON2037W Measurement & Design Appraisal I 20 6
Total   148  
Third Year
CON3012W Construction Technology III 32 7
CON3023X Practical Training 0 7
CON3030F Construction Costing 16 7
CON3031W Measurement & Design Appraisal II 32 7
CON3032W Applied Contract Law I 12 7
CON3033S Property Studies I 16 7
CON3038W Construction Management II 32 7
CON3043W Cost Engineering under Uncertainty 16 7
Total   156  

Entry Requirements

A person who wishes to be admitted as a candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies degree must:

  1. obtain the National Senior Certificate endorsed for degree studies
  2. write the National Benchmark Tests - NOT REQUIRED FOR 2024 
  3. obtain the required number of points (applicable to candidates writing the South African National Senior Certificate Examination)
  4. satisfy specified subject requirements
  5. have a degree from this, or another university recognised for the purpose by the Senate

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Please contact the Department on 021 650 3443 for detailed course information.