This programme is intended for students who have completed a BSc in Property Studies and who wish to advance their knowledge and skills, and gain further insight by specialising in particular aspects of property valuation and management. The qualification provides the necessary foundation for specialisation at Masters level in various fields such as: property development and management; project management; housing development; and facilities management.

Aims of the Programme

To provide employable professional graduates to the property industry, and allied professions, and to the State and non-profit sectors: knowledgeable and skilled in the analysis of complex property investment, the valuation of specialised property and properties subject to particular legislation, in property and facilities management of buildings, and in the analysis of housing markets and policy; knowledgeable about relevant legislation and case law; and with applied research skills. In addition, the degree programme aims to fully satisfy the criteria for accreditation in terms of the requirements of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP); and to provide graduates with life skills and values.

Outcomes of the Programme

Upon completion of the BSc (Hons) in Property Studies degree programme, the graduate is competent to:

  • evaluate both indirect and direct property investment opportunities and make appropriate investment decisions.
  • apply advanced methods to the valuation of specialised property and property subject to particular legislation.
  • effectively and efficiently manage property and buildings.
  • know and apply legislation and case law relevant to valuers  and developers.
  • conceptualise a complex development scheme and undertake a bankable viability and feasibility study.
  • conduct research in case law and legislation
  • define a research problem, undertake empirical research, analyse data and report research findings.
  • apply knowledge and skills in an elective area of speciality (in comparative land policy, automated valuation modelling, corporate real estate management, valuation of mineral property, valuation of agricultural property, property investment and development in Africa, and the valuation of natural resources).
  • demonstrate career-readiness, a clear professional identity, and insights into skills, knowledge and values necessary to meet the standards of performance and practice expected by their profession and society.

Programme Structure

The minimum duration of the Degree Programme is one academic year.

A candidate shall complete approved courses of a value required to bring the total to a minimum of 160 credits and shall comply with all prescribed curriculum requirements.

Course Code Course UCT Credits SAQA Credits
CON4051F Advanced Property Investment and Finance 16 16
CON4052F Advanced Property & Facilities Management 16 16
CON4053S Applied Property Law 16 16
CON4054S Advanced Property Valuation 16 16
CON4055S Advanced Property Development 16 16
CON4056F Housing Markets, Policy and Practice 16 16
CON4047W Treatise 32 32
Subtotal 1   128 128
Electives Minimum of 32 credit points from:
CON4057F Comparative Land Policy and Management 16 16
CON4058F Valuation of Mineral Property 16 16
CON4059F Corporate Real Estate Management 16 16
CSC1016S Computer Science 1016 18 18
CON4060S Automated Valuation Modelling 16 16
CON4061F Valuation of Agricultural Property 16 16
CON4062S Property Investment and Development in Africa 16 16
CON4063S Valuation of Natural Resources 16 16
Subtotal 2   32 32
Total   160 160


Entry Requirements

A person shall not be admitted as a candidate for the degree unless he or she:

  • is a graduate of the BSc in Property Studies degree of this University; or
  • is the holder of any three-year bachelor’s degree of this, or any other university recognised for the purpose by the Senate as equivalent to the BSc in Property Studies degree of this University; or has in any other manner attained a level of competence which in the opinion of the Senate is adequate for the purpose of admission.
  • a weighted average of at least 65% for all courses undertaken for a bachelor’s degree with results for deferred (but not supplementary) examinations to be taken into account.


Please contact the Department on 021 650 3443 for detailed course information