The Centre for Materials Engineering at UCT collaborates with the Centre for High Resolution Transmission Microscopy at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. 

The main purpose of this collaboration is to (i) perform research that deals with the characterisation of power plant materials that are exposed to high temperature/high stress conditions, and to (ii) train and assist postgraduate students in the use and application of advanced electron microscopy and related characterization techniques.

Our collaboration and engagement with the CHRTEM at the Nelson Mandela University  is multi-facetted. Not only are they an integral partner to the EPPEI Materials and Mechanics Specialisation, and consequently provide direct support for advanced materials characterisation within the EPPEI Materials and Mechanics research activities, but several of our students working within the different research themes in our Centre make use of the extensive microscopy facilities and expert staff at the CHRTEM on a regular basis

Click here to view website of CHRTEM at the Nelson Mandela University.