The Bachelor of Architectural Studies programme is an undergraduate degree programme which focuses on the design of the built environment and architectural design. Contextually and socially located architecture is used as the medium to develop foundational design ability which is easily transferable to the range of graduate professional degree streams in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Urban Design.

The study and practice of architecture involves the design of buildings and their associated places, and incorporates aesthetic, theoretical and practical concerns. Built environment designers have to engage with an interconnected range of issues: social, cultural, developmental, contextual, environmental, technical, and financial.

This programme equips you with the ability to solve design problems imaginatively, to think rationally and to exercise appropriate judgement within the discipline of architecture in urban and natural contexts. In particular it aims to develop the capacity to design appropriately within the built and natural environment.

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree programme is a three year, full-time course. It benefits from the related graduate programmes in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and City and Regional Planning. In addition, it offers entry into the architectural, planning and design marketplace, into property development, the building industry, the IT industry and many other fields of employment where design and organisational skills are required.

As a student in this programme you will master the values, knowledge and skills necessary for innovative thinking, for continued intellectual development and for meeting the demands of the workplace.

Please see the right side panel for Application details. You are required to complete an online form and submit a Portfolio. The dates and details are indicated in the attached PDF document.