The curriculum of the BSc(Hons) in Geographic Information Systems programme is aimed at graduates intending to work in disciplines associated with the natural, geographical and computer sciences. The degree is intended to equip graduates with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge they need to incorporate GIS techniques in their every day work routine.

Core Courses
APG4018X - Geographical Information Systems Camp (4 credits)
APG4014C - Remote Sensing for Geographic Information Science (12 credits)
APG4050W - Geo-Informatics Project (40 credits)
APG4007F - Introductory GIS (24 credits)
APG4012B - Advanced Spatial Data Infrastructures (12 credits)
APG4013C - Advanced Spatial Data Analysis (12 credits)
APG4009F - Computing for GIS (18 credits)
APG4012S - Geomatics Management & Professionalism (24 credits)

(Total Credits 146)