Students may choose a stream in Surveying or Geoinformatics. The Surveying stream is targeted at students wishing to register as a Geomatics Professional in a range of categories with the South African Geomatics Council; the Geoinformatics stream is targeted at students wishing to work in the spatial information industry and for registration as a Geomatics Professional with the South African Geomatics Council in the category of Geo-Information Sciences.

If a first-year student is considering the Geoinformatics stream, then certain first and second year courses must be taken to allow that option. Course advice is given at registration, but students should think about whether to take environmental and geographical science or computer science to third year level, as these options will affect the choice of second semester courses in the first year.

The design of the degree is outcomes-based, with a strong emphasis on the ability to plan, execute and report on Geomatics projects with demonstrated knowledge of underlying theory and the ability to critically analyse the project outputs. Graduates are equipped to meet the challenges of professional geomatics practice in African and international contexts through excellent teaching in a research-led environment. Problem solving, ethics, professionalism, professional communication and working in a team are critical outcomes.