A qualifying degree in architecture that provides students with the knowledge, values and skills to enter the profession of architecture and/or to pursue further qualifications in architecture or fields associated with the architectural profession and built environment. It is focused on developing independent critical enquiry in preparation for practice in a diverse and changing world. Students are given considerable freedom and support to develop a reflective, critical and speculative relationship to their work. The qualification introduces a master's degree within a succession of qualifications leading towards professional qualification in architecture. It is a prerequisite qualification for statutory registration as a Candidate Architect with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), in terms of the Architectural Professions Act 2000 (Act No 44 of 2000). To attain registration as Professional Architect, the candidate must complete a two-year period of practical experience in an architectural office and pass a registration exam set by SACAP.

NOTE: These rules must be read with the general rules for Master’s degrees in Handbook 3.

Design Dissertation - Year Course
Studio work Course: Dissertation Design
Non-Studio Courses: Theory and Technology Studies

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