The BAS (Hons) is a degree in architecture that pursues advanced vocational and discipline-specific knowledge, skills and competencies related to the history, theory, technology and practice of architecture. The course of study extends the base of knowledge through graduate study with particular emphasis on architectural design. It is focused on developing creative and critical inquiry, reflective understanding and cultural, social and technical knowledge in preparation for self-motivated independent learning. The BAS(Hons) fits within a succession of qualifications leading towards professional qualification in architecture. It is a prerequisite qualification for admission into the Master of Architecture (Professional).

The programme aims to develop a student’s ability to: analyse and interpret knowledge critically; engage in critical debate; integrate knowledge of the social, political, economic and professional context with architectural design; frame design questions critically; evaluate and critically appraise a design brief; formulate an appropriate design response to context and site; produce a coherent and well resolved architectural design; integrate a theoretical approach in an architectural design; engage with current technological norms and practices; interpret regulatory and legal aspects, basic concepts of business structures, and management and administration pertaining to the practice of architecture; develop knowledge of the principles and theories associated with visual, thermal and acoustics environments; apply a working knowledge of architectural research methods; and, undertake independent research.

A basic curriculum forms the structure of the programme with design as the core. Design excellence requires not only skilful manipulation of form, but also inspiration from a broad body of knowledge. Design Studio is structured to foster creative and responsible investigation by way of complex architectural problems with supporting courses offering an expansive field of advanced knowledge. Five areas of study support design:

    History and Theory of Architecture – a survey of ideological and aesthetic terms of architectural theory and criticism by way of locating a close reading of primary texts within a broader social and cultural context.

    Advanced Building Technology – an investigation of how the interaction of systems of structure, enclosure, environment, materials, and detailing

    Architectural Design and Research Methods – an investigation of practices and strategies that inform an analysis, synthesis and representation of ideas in architectural writing and design.

    Professional Practice – an introduction to the legal and ethical complexities of present day architectural practice.

    Electives permit the student freedom to pursue some courses in related areas appropriate to their individual professional goals, skills and interests.

The diverse programmes presented in the School offers the opportunity for cross-disciplinary design projects with the programmes in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, thereby offering learners the possibility to pursue interdisciplinary approaches.

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