The Electronics Workshop is a dedicated 2-man workshop which offers Electronic, Electrical, IT, Software and AV services to the Department of Chemical Engineering, and other departments at the University of Cape Town. They cover all of these service areas, supporting Undergraduate courses & laboratory practicals, as well as designing & developing test rigs and measurement systems for Postgraduate and Staff research.


The Electronics Workshop offers a wide range of electronic analytical tools to assess and troubleshoot electronic and electrical problems. The workshop also offers all design & development tools to go from idea to proof-of-concept and prototype, and stocks a range of electronic passive and active components for each project's needs. The services offered include, but are not limited to, soldering, wire crimping, rewiring, electronic development & assembly, PCB design, IP-rating small electronic systems, software development on a range of different programming languages, single-phase motor installation & 3-phase motor installation with VSDs (Variable Speed Drives), and all IT-related installation & troubleshooting and repair.

The following services are offered:

  • Custom Hardware Design
    The design of electronic circuits and hardware specially tailored to specific requirements.
  • 3D Printing
    PLA plastic 3D printing of small to medium-sized designs are offered. Other 3D printing plastics are also available on request.
  • Custom Software Design
    Support and design of Software in a variety of languages, including Java, C, Python, C++ and assembler, depending on your requirements.
  • Project Management
    The management of projects, including test rigs.
  • Software Installations
    The installation of a range of software products and the setting up of test stations. The creation of Virtual Machines with specific requirements for modelling.
  • Repairs
    The repair of most electronics and electrical systems. IT support, outside the offered help of ICTS, is also available.
  • Departmental Services
    A host of AV systems is available. Technical support and loan equipment for AV systems is also provided.



Ahraham Snyders

Chief Technical Officer

      Curwin Nomdoe
Workshop & Building Assistant