The Department strives to maintain an ethos founded on harmony, collegiality, equity and a working environment where creativity and diversity are cherished.

Our holistic approach balances commitment, teamwork, experiential learning and research to create an engineering education of the highest professional standard and one that encourages personal growth.

Teamwork and a cooperative approach to problem solving is encouraged for students and academics work in teams to teach courses, conduct research and devise new approaches to teaching.

Our research shows that a friendly and encouraging learning environment has a positive effect on students' overall performance. We work hard to create such an environment by getting to know students personally, and by helping them to get to know each other and form good working relationships with one another.

Our open-door policy combines with personalised academic counselling, the ASPECT programme for educationally disadvantaged students and an ongoing process of curriculum review. In line with the Department’s philosophy of engagement, 60 experienced postgraduate students assist as tutors in the undergraduate programme.