Chemical engineers work in many different and exciting fields. Whatever your interest, a UCT chemical engineering degree will assure you of a rewarding career.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Almost everything you use in daily life – plastics, metals, textiles, paper, food and beverages, toiletries, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals – has been made with the help of a chemical engineer. Chemical engineers are instrumental in the process of converting raw (and sometimes recycled) materials into finished products. This process is complex and involves research and development, design, construction, daily plant operation, and management.

Career Opportunities

Chemical engineers work in many different and exciting workplaces – not only in the expected settings of the petrochemical and mining industries, but also in a wide variety of process-based disciplines, such as the food, beverage, paint, and pharmaceutical industries.
Drawing on the problem-solving skills that are central to the discipline, many CEOs of large companies have combined chemical engineering with a business-related qualification, such as an MBA. Many more work in niche consultancies or run their own businesses. There are also endless opportunities in research and development.