• Associate Professor


  • BSc Cum Laude(Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, University of Port Elizabeth, 1980)
  • BSc honours Cum Laude (Inorganic Chemistry, University of Port Elizabeth, 1981)
  • MSc Cum Laude (University of Port Elizabeth, 1987)
  • PhD (University of Cape Town, 2007)
Professional Affiliations:
  • South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
Undergraduate Teaching: 
  • CHE4069 (Chemical Engineering II)
Postgraduate Teaching: 
  • CHE5087Z (Research Communication & Methodology)
Research Affiliations: 
Publication Profile:
Research Interests: 
  • Tools and metrics for evaluating environmental and broader sustainability performance of mineral resource development systems; characterisation and management of solid mineral wastes; acid rock drainage prediction and mitigation; value from mine waste and water; development and application of trans-disciplinary courses and approaches to the complex sustainability issues of relevance to the minerals industry