• Professor


  • BSc(Eng), University of Cape Town (1983)
  • PhD(Eng), University of Cape Town (1989)
Undergraduate Teaching:
  • CHE4070F (Numerical Optimisation for Chemical Engineers)
  • CHE3070S (Numerical Simulation for Chemical Engineers)
  • CHE3008S (Chemical Eng Project Management & Unit Operation Design)
Research Affiliations: 
  • Process Modelling and Optimisation
Research Interests: 
The global research framework aims to develop multi-species multi-phase simulation methodology for process innovation, energy minimisation and environmental assessment.
This research specialises in using novel implementations of open source simulation tools to develop custom simulations and analyses of industrial and conceptual processes. In particular the methodology used various combinations of Multi-species, Multi-phase, elementary kinetic models, thermo-chemical models, mass transfer models and heat transfer models to describe processes and operations. Multi-dimensional problems of regular geometry are solved using collocation, while problems with complex geometry are analysed using CFD via OpenFoam.
These tools are used to develop custom solutions for a range of local industries, namely, the conversion of alcohols to distillates, novel Fischer-Trosch fixed bed reactors for wax production, plastic to diesel, novel PSA air separation designs, carbon black furnace, beer tunnel pasteuriser, greenhouse design for enhanced CO2. In each case the simulation aims to provide enhanced understanding, energy minimisation, environmental impact reduction and further innovation through knowledge.
The feasibility of the following conceptual processes are studied; The conversion of methane to methanol, the conversion of regolith, custom catalyst design, iron reduction using biomass.