PhD Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Taiyuan China

Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd. / Beijing China

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Affiliations

  • Catalysis Institute
  • C*change

Overview/ Research interests

My research project focuses on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis which converts the coal-, natural gas-, and biomass-based carbon feedstocks into valuable fuels and chemicals through syngas. This process can provide an alternative way to industrial products based on crude oil and facilitate the development of clean use of carbon-containing energy resources. Now, I am performing the design and optimisation of novel yet low-cost catalyst for maximizing the production of oxygenated products for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Multiple state-of-the-art characterisation techniques are utilized to clarify the relationships between catalyst structures and its performances, including in situ XRD, in situ magnetometer, and two-dimensional gas chromatography / time of flight mass spectrometer (2D-GC/TOF).