Tokoloho Rampai





Chemical Engineering Building, Room 5.06


  • PhD Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand
  • MSc Materials Engineering, University of Cape Town
  • BSc (Hons) Material Science, University of Cape Town
  • BSc Chemistry, University of Cape Town

Professional affiliations:


Undergraduate teaching:

Second and third year core, third year and fourth year electives in pyrometallurgy and ceramics materials

Postgraduate teaching:

Supervises Masters and PhD candidates

Research affiliations:

  • UCT Marine and Antarctic Research centre for Innovation and Sustainability (MARIS), which is a large cross faculty multi-disciplinary research centre. Within this centre, she is also a representative for the Innovation in Chemical, Materials and Observational Engineering disciple in the Scientific Steering Committee.
  • Polar Engineering Research Group

Publication profile:

  • Paul, P, Mielke, T, Nisters, C, Schröder, J, Rampai, T, Skatulla, S, Audh, R, Hepworth, E, Vichi, M, and Lupascu, D. C, 2020. Brief communication: Grease Ice in the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.
  • Rampai, T, Sigalas, I, Whitefield, D, 2021. Utilization of moderate pressure and elevated temperatures in the optimization of Ti2AlC‐cBN composites using SPS technique. International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & science. 3.
  • Thomas, M, France, J, Crabeck, O, Hall, B, Hof, V, Notz, D, Rampai, T, Riemenschneider, L, Tooth, O J, Tranter, M and Kaiser, J, 2021. The Roland von Glasow Air-Sea-Ice Chamber (RvG-ASIC):an experimental facility for studying ocean–sea-ice–atmosphere interactions. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 14.
  • Johnson. S, Vichi, M, Rampai, T ,2020. Evaluation of the crystal structure of Antarctic sea ice from the marginal ice zone from winter and spring at the SCAR conference (online), session 5: sea ice variability and change, Tasmania, Australia. 3-7 August.
  • Gertzen, J, Levecque, L, Rampai, T and van Heerden, T, 2020. DFT Study of MAX Phase Surfaces for Electrocatalyst Support Materials in Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Materials. 14.
  • Johnson, S, Rampai, T, 2019. Poster presentation: UK Arctic Science Conference, at Loughborough University from the 11th to the 13th September.

Rampai, T, Lang, C I, Sigalas, I, 2012. Investigation of MAX phase/c-BN composites. Ceramics International. 39.

Research interests:

Her research focus is mainly in Materials Engineering, this is applied both in Antarctic sea ice research and advanced ceramic materials development for application in catalysis processes. Under the advanced ceramics research, she focuses on powder metallurgy, thermodynamics for materials development, material properties development and tribological testing for suitability of application. And under the sea ice research she focuses on improving the understanding of the material properties (structural and mechanical) of Antarctic sea ice, predominately through artificial sea ice growth experiments in temperature-controlled laboratory conditions and nominally through filed testing in the Marginal Ice Zone in the Southern Ocean. She is an active supervisor of postgraduate students and has published in both sea ice and ceramics development journals.


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