The Relationship of Green Office Buildings to Occupant Productivity and Organisations Performance


Western Cape Property Developers Forum Conference
The Future and Implications of the 24hr City 
Mapping the Development Process in Cape Town


Presented to the Centre for Development and Enterprise
Why the Housing Market is Broken in Cape Town

25th European Real Estate Society Conference
The Implications of International Real Estate Knowledge on Real Estate Curricula in African Institutions

8th International Conference on the Constructed Environment
Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment and Urban Regeneration

Western Cape Property Developers Forum Conference
TOD and the 24hr City
Mapping the Property Development Process


Western Cape Property Developers Forum Conference
A Reflection on Transit Oriented Development through a Market Perspective

Open Streets: Exploring what TOD Means for the Streets of Cape Town
Some Questions Regarding Transit Oriented Development

South African Property Owners Association Convention
Disruptors of the South African Property Market Cycle: A Glimpse into the Futureā€¦

South African Property Owners Association's Property Development Programme
The Potential of Value Capture in South Africa

South African Institute for Black Property Practitioners Convention
What's Next for the South African Commercial Property Market?

APES/CIfA/ILASA/UDISA: Presentation Series
Affordable Housing in Cape Town

African Real Estate Society Conference
Data Availability in Sub-Saharan Africa

International Research Conference 2017
An Empirical Assessment of the SA and UK Property Markets
Potential Effects of Technological Innovations on Facilities Management Practice
Technology and Facilities Management- Implications for Social Sustainability

Green Building Council of South Africa Convention
Economic Drivers for New Development in the City


23rd European Real Estate Society Conference
An Assessment of the Impact of Investor Decisions on the Spatial Characteristics of the South African Commercial Property Market

South African Property Owners Association Convention
Value Capture in South Africa: A Way to Overcome Urban Management Challenges and Unlock Development Opportunities?

11th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
Urban Facilities Management: A Systemic Process for Achieving Urban Sustainability

7th International Housing Solutions Affordable Housing Conference
A Way to Understand Housing Markets Beyond "Subsidy, Gap And Market"