Brewing UCT Win Again at SAB Intervarsity Beer Brewing Competition 2018

01 Oct 2018
Brewing Team Win SAB Intervarsity 2018
01 Oct 2018

Brewing UCT have done it again! For the fourth time since the SAB Intervarsity Beer Brewing competition began 10 years ago, UCT have claimed the top prize as Overall Winners of the show. This year, they wowed the judges with their “Dubbel or Nothing” speciality beer which placed first in its category, went on to win “Best in Show” and ultimately sent the Overall Prize-wining trophy home with the team. Brewing UCT are an EBE postgraduate student-run microbrewery based in the Chemical Engineering Department at UCT and building on the expertise of bioprocess engineering students From CeBER. Together they have spent hours researching, perfecting and experimenting with recipes in pursuit of a delicious, “hoppy” ending for every brew. This year, the beers that they submitted for judging included: Dubbel or Nothing (Belgian Dubbel), Miami Weiss (Pineapple Weiss), Lost in Translation (Foreign Extra Stout) & V for Vienna (Vienna Lager) - each representative of a flavour and aroma profile particular to its category. The team overcame 13 other Universities to win this year’s competition and this victory has only added fuel to their flame; having only just received their awards, they are already well into discussions on the next best brew. Congratulations to the team and many thanks to CeBER for the sponsorship and support. 


Juarez Amaral-Filho, Elina Chen, Catherine Edward, Ruane Govender, Mark Hambrock, Naomi Harrisankar, Obakeng Jona, Chris Knutsen, Alex Opitz, Gianluca Shaer, Shanna Swart, Tarryn Terry-Meredith, Nicole Uys.