The annual CeBER Lab course for new students is late and distant, but live!

23 Oct 2020
Screen clipping of class materials
Pipetting technique is a crucial part of accurate lab work
23 Oct 2020

The 2020 lab techniques course in CeBER has had to embrace the new rules that all our researchers are adjusting to: physical distancing, masks and shields, constant sanitisation. Working in the lab is now on a strict schedule to keep the number of people present down to a minimum. So ... now more crowding around a demonstration. No more running of experiments for practice.

The 2020 cohort are learning a lot from videos. They are using existing data to learn what data they need and how to use it. They will be in the lab briefly for the essential "hands on". After all that ... they will be allowed on the lab schedule to build their physical research skills further, as they discover things we need to know.