Blended Teaching in the Department of Construction Economics and Management

14 Jun 2023
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14 Jun 2023

CEM Senior Lecturer Dr Saul Nurick, sat down and spoke to Sam Butcher from Ascension Education, Inc. to hear how he uses Blended Teaching at University of Cape Town, and to learn what kind of impact it's had on him and his students.

Nurick says, "I came across Blended Teaching as part of our re-curricularisation, which we phased in from 2020. In the previous curriculum, we had a very old-school Information Systems course, which was about three-quarters Excel and one-quarter databases. We felt it was no longer relevant to the curriculum, as students enter the programme from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. We have students coming from very privileged schools and others from poorly resourced schools, and the result is that we have a high proportion of students who lack the Excel skills for financial modeling within the real estate space. 

We decided to replace that course with a pure computer science course (which is heavily focused on programming). Due to the re-curricularisation of the courses that I currently teach, there was not the sufficient capacity to teach the content and to simultaneously teach the corresponding automation skills "

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