Prof. Robert Knutsen, Director

Robert Knutsen has been the Director of the Electron Microscope Unit since January 2020. His research interests lie in the microstructure-property relationships of metallic materials with current interests particularly directed at titanium alloys and power plant steels.  Advanced materials characterisation is critical in these studies and Robert continues to make extensive use of SEM-Based electron backscattered diffraction, a technique that he introduced to South Africa as far back as 1994.  


Room: 1st level, New Engineering Building.

Phone: (021) 650 4959


Dr Nasheeta Hanief, E-Beam writing and Materials specialist

Nasheeta has a Masters degree in Materials Engineering and a PhD in Physics. She is responsible for E-Beam writing on the MIRA Scanning Electron Microscope as well as general SEM and TEM work.


Phone: (021) 650 1764


Dr Jeremy Woodward, Bioscience and Cryo-Microscopy

Jeremy has a PhD in Structural Biology and is responsible for bioscience and cryo-TEM in the E.M. Unit.


Ms Soraya von Willingh, General Enquiries and SEM applications specialist
SvW pp

Responsible for Scanning Electron Microscopy, Lab Management and Routine Services.

Phone: (021) 650 2818


Mr Mohammed A. Jaffer, TEM applications specialist

Responsible for Transmission EM and Ultramicrotomy - cryo and conventional.

Phone: (021) 650 3354


Mr Michael Woodward, Maintenance Technician

Responsible for equipment maintenance.

Phone: (021) 650 2409


Mr Sean Karriem, Technical Officer

Responsible for security, general lab management, health and safety, laboratory logistics and waste disposal.

Phone: (021) 650 2818