You need to register on 2 systems to use our equipment - an annual registration as a user with the Centre, and once with our booking system, Calpendo to in order to reserve time on specific instruments.
  • Step 1: Annual User Registration

    Registering with the unit is the first of two steps, in order to use our equipment. The information in the form below is required for reporting purposes, and to ensure that the unit can provide the equipment and services you need.
  • Step 2: Calpendo Registration



    Once you have registered, you may book instruments using Calpendo, the online Instrument Booking System. You can log on to the booking system using the following link:, using the user name and password you chose when registering. Please contact Miranda if you have forgotten your password or username.

    Once on the system, you will be able to see the booking calendar and you will be able to make provisional bookings which will be confirmed by Mohamed or Miranda. Currently, all reservations made by users will require approval by the instrument managers (Mohammed or Miranda) before being considered secure.

    Time on one of the electron microscopes can usually be booked up to a week in advance but no later than 24 hours before the session. Although special arrangement for booking further in advance can be made if circumstances warrant it. You may book as much time as you need.

    If you wish to cancel a booking please do so 24 or more hours in advance and make sure the managers are aware of your cancellation.

    To register on Calpendo:

    1. Go to You will see a login screen.
    2. If you are a new user, you will need to register an account before logging in. Click the "Register New User" button.
    3. Click the "Local" button.
    4. Please fill in your details:
      • For your username/login name, please use your initial and surname, all lower case with no spaces.
      • Please note, your password must be 6 characters long.
      • The user type is either “Trained” (you can operate the microscopes unsupervised) or “Untrained” (you need an operator to help you on the microscopes).
    5. Click “Register”. You will get a message telling you that you will receive an email confirming your acceptance before you can log on.

Terms and Conditions
I agree to: Abide by the procedures specified by the staff of the Electron Microscope Unit, to supply the Unit with copies of abstracts, papers and thesis abstracts which contain work carried out in the Unit, to correctly record time spent using major instruments and to correctly record consumables used and acknowledge that incorrect recording is theft.
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