After beam time at Diamond Light Source, you will need to transfer all your data back to UCT.

Globus is a data transfer system for moving research data back and forth - so it is a third party service used by Diamond to move your data. It requires a client program running at UCT to receive your data.

Since UCT is not a Globus subscriber, you will need to set up a personal endpoint. On Athena, run the following from a shell :-


You will be provided with a URL, and a key. (I had to type it in - I hope your copy paste works). You now have a Personal Endpoint, which is listed on your Globus dashboard. Next - we have to tell it where to put the data. This is kept in a file .globusonline/lta/config-paths - which needs to be created. Yes, the directory has a dot at the front - a Unix hidden directory. The comma-separated fields specify path, sharing, read-write. Your data path will probably be /data/UCT_ID_NUMBER/ - which may, itself, need to be created. Here is an example - you need to alter as needed.

The echo command below is just a quick way of creating the config-paths file - or you can use an edir, like nano.

Finally, start your endpoint.

mkdir -p /data/UCT_ID_NUMBER/Diamond                                    # create data directory, if needed
echo /data/UCT_ID_NUMBER/Diamond,0,1 > ~/.globusonline/lta/config-paths # always use 0,1 at the end

globusonlinepersonal -start

After you have started your endpoint, you should be able to find it on globus. It just remains to open Diamond as a data source, find your data, and then start the transfer.