Jennifer Broadhurst

Deputy Director

Research Interests

Tools and metrics for evaluating environmental and broader sustainability performance of primary metal production processes; characterisation and management of solid mineral wastes; acid rock drainage prediction and mitigation, value from waste, distribution behaviour and impacts of minor and trace elements across the entire ore-to-metal chain, development and application of trans-disciplinary approaches to the complex sustainability issues of relevance to the minerals industry.






BSc UPE (1980), BSc Hon (Inorg. Chem.), UPE (1981), MSc (Inorg. Chem.) UPE (1987), PhD UCT (2007)


Dr Broadhurst has 30 years research and development experience in the field of mineral’s beneficiation within various industry and academic organisations. Since joining the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCT in July 2001, Dr Broadhurst has been involved in a number of research and capacity development activities relating to the environmental and other sustainability issues of relevance to the coal-based power generation and primary metal production industry sectors. Such activities include project management of the Minerals to Metals Signature Theme, and co-supervision of under-graduate, post-graduate and contractual research projects. Dr Broadhurst is also involved in the development and presentation of under-graduate (4th year) and post-graduate (MSc) courses pertaining to acid rock drainage and environmental issues in hydrometallurgy. Dr Broadhurst is also currently actively involved in developing inter and trans-disciplinary research capacity and has been actively involved in the establishment and application of a new trans-disciplinary and multi-institutional masters course in the Management of Mineral Resources for Sustainable Development in Africa, as part of the Education for Sustainable Development in Africa initiative under the auspices of the United Nations University.



Chief Research Officer, Minerals to Metals Initiative, University of Cape Town.

Acting Director, Minerals to Metals Initiative, University of Cape Town.

2011-2014 Contractual Senior Research Officer, Minerals to Metals Initiative, University of Cape Town 2009-2010 Post doctoral research fellowship: Minerals Beneficiation, University of Cape Town 2007-2008 Contractual research scientist & Project Coordinator of the Minerals to Metals Initiative, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town 2001-2006 Chief Research Scientist & PhD student, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town 1997-1999 Consulting Process and Environmental Chemist, JLB Consultancy 1988-1997 Senior-Principal Research Metallurgist, Billiton Process Research, Billiton 1985-1988 Temporary Lab assistant & MSc student, Chemistry Department, University of Port Elizabeth 1982-1985 Scientist, Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa

Selected current projects

2013-present Development of a minerals beneficiation strategy for the KZ-N province

2013-present Mine company-community relationships and engagement
2012-present Utilisation and down-stream processing of gold and coal mine waste
2009-present Carbon sequestration through mineral carbonation of mine waste

2007-present Development of tools and metrics for the performance evaluation of mine-metals systems and metal value chains

2006-present Acid rock drainage prediction and mitigation through desulfurisation of coal processing waste

2002-present Minor-trace element deportment and environmental risk for across mine-metal chains (copper, gold, coal)

Selected publications

Broadhurst, JL, Kunene MC and von Blottnitz H, Life cycle assessment of the desulfurisation flotation process to prevent acid rock drainage: A base metal case study. Minerals Engineering, 76: 126-134, 2015

Meyer N A, Vogeli J, Becker M, Broadhurst JL and Reid DL, Mineral carbonation of PGM mine tailings for CO2 storage in South Africa: A case study, Minerals Engineering, 59: 45-51, 2014

Kazadi Mbamba C, Franzidis J-P, Harrison STL and Broadhurst JL, Flotation of coal and sulphur from South African ultrafine colliery wastes. South African Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, 13: 399-405, 2013

Hesketh, A, Broadhurst, JL and Harrison, STL, Mitigating the generation of acid mine drainage form copper sulphide tailings impoundments in perpetuity: A case study for an integrated management strategy, Minerals Engineering, 23: 225-229, 2010.

Broadhurst, JL and Petrie, JG, Ranking and scoring potential environmental risks from solid mineral wastes, Minerals Engineering, 23: 182-191, 2010.

Contribution to Minerals to Metals initiative

Management and co-ordination of research portfolio; establishing new collaborations with internal and external research groupings, driving and developing multi-stakeholder and trans-disciplinary initiatives; supervising post-graduate projects; developing and organising post-graduate courses and student conferences; contributing to the leadership and vision of the Minerals to Metals Initiative; providing specialist expertise in the areas of trace-minor element behaviour, as well as solid mineral waste characterisation and environmental impact predictions.