Popular Mechanics win for top engineers

20 Jan 2015
20 Jan 2015

The Department of Mechanical Engineering's Dr George Vicatos and his MSc student Severin Tenim recently won the 'Cutting Edge' award at the Popular Mechanics annual FutureTech Conference 2014. This was for the design and development of a low cost, mechanically operated prosthetic hand.

Prosthetic hand (left): The Department of Mechanical Engineering's Dr George Vicatos and MSc student Severin Tenim designed this award-winning mechanically operated prosthetic hand.

Vicatos also won the Popular Mechanics South African Inventor of the Year award in 2011. His area of speciality is fusing his engineering expertise with a lifelong interest in the medical field to design titanium alloy bone implants and prostheses that have already changed the lives of more than 500 patients worldwide. The technology can salvage a damaged or diseased limb and avoid amputation.

"Because locally designed and produced products cost far less than imported equivalents and are delivered faster to the surgeons and hence to the patients, the lower cost is passed on directly to the patient. They're also more affordable to medical aids," said Vicatos.

Story by staff reporter. Image supplied.