Electricity is the most adaptable form of energy; it powers modern communications, computing, industry, transport and households, and provides the means for controlling processes, appliances and robots.

Electrotechnologies make a profound impact on us as individuals and in society. These technologies revolutionise the way we live; they shift our cultures, our economies and our development.

New technologies and applications, once unimaginable and achieving what once seemed impossible, are emerging every day.

At the UCT Department of Electrical Engineering we are at the cutting edge of research and teaching, not just locally, but across Africa and globally.

Become a part of our creative and stimulating degree programmes where students learn to solve known problems and conceive responses to challenges that have not yet been recognised.

Join the department’s research groups  that, working closely with industry, stay at the forefront of electrical engineering trends worldwide. Our research projects cover a wide range of subjects, including the investigation of novel computer systems, the simulation of electricity networks, the use of computer control and instrumentation to optimise process performance, ecologically sustainable power generation, radar sensors and telecommunications.