A candidate for the MEng specializing in Telecommunications (code: EM017EEE09) is required to complete core courses of 120 credits and a 60 credit minor dissertation.

This programme aims to provide knowledge, skills and aptitudes for practising engineers to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape, turning products of research into practical solutions of developing world problems within international standards. The programme offers a selection of courses that span broad fundamental concepts that find applications in a wide range of disciplines. The approach enables students to be agile in response to new knowledge and novel developments. Core courses include Information Theory, Statistical Signal Theory and Advanced Engineering Mathematics.


Core Courses
Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5004Z Minor Dissertation 60 9
Courses Offered

Select courses to the value of 60 credits.

Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5027Z Network & Internet Security 20 9
EEE5032Z Digital Communication Systems 20 9
EEE5108Z Advanced Engineering Mathematics 20 9
EEE5121Z Microwave Components and Antennas 20 9
EEE5135Z Information Theory and Error-Control Coding 20 9
EEE5136Z Statistical Signal Theory 20 9
EEE5138Z Broadband Communication Networks 20 9
EEE5139Z Wireless Data Network Convergence 20 9
EEE5140Z Software Defined Radio 20 9
EEE5150Z Advanced Topics in Communication and Network 20 9

Please note that certain courses run every alternate year and courses will only run if there are sufficient students registered for the course.