Control Lab

The foremost purpose of our Control Laboratory is the application of control systems by undergraduate control engineering students. We run a control systems course which forms the basis of the design of aircraft, robots, temperature regulation, guided missiles and industrial controlled processes. In most control applications two major performance criteria are apparent:
1.    The transient response 
2.    The steady-state error    

One of our primary teaching devices is our Helicopter Altitude simulator which is used to test and assess altitude controllers that get designed by our students – it measures both transient response and steady-state error. 

You will find us in Room 333, 3rd Floor, Menzies Building, UCT Upper Campus. 
Or you can get in touch with our Control Lab Manager, Dominic de Maar – email or 021 650 2806

Machines & Power Lab

Our Machines & Power labs exist for use by our electrical engineering undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. It’s in these labs that we set up our electrical engineering practicals, experiments and research projects.
Our labs are facilitated by a central power supply patching system with various DC and AC power supplies. We are also equipped with different high-performance measurement, signal processing and data acquisition apparatus along with professional experimental test rigs.

You can visit out lab on the 3rd level of Menzies Building, UCT Upper Campus.
Alternatively, find out more by getting in touch with our Chief Electrical Technical Officer, Maysam Soltanian – email or 021 650 3088.

Mechatronics Lab

Our Mechatronics Lab performs world-class research to investigate and address uniquely African problems. The lab is involved in aerial, marine and terrestrial systems research with applications that cover everything from quadcopters and submarines to the motion of cheetahs!

The Mechatronics Lab has equipment to service cutting-edge research. We have several GPU workstations for training deep learning neural networks, force plates and IMU systems for tracking robots (and animals) as well high-power actuators for moving our robots.

You will find us on the 6th floor of the Menzies Building, UCT Upper Campus.
To learn more about us, get in touch with Dr. Amir Patel via email.

White Lab

Our White Lab is the primary space that students use to build and test their electronic projects throughout the year. We have some impressive pieces of equipment including (but not limited to):

  • Oscilloscope: A piece of equipment used to display and analyse waveforms of electronic signals
  • Power supply: Used to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current and frequency to power the load/circuit.
  • Function generator: Used to test the response of circuits to a known input signal. Also used to generate Sine, Square or Triangular waveforms.

Our Lab is located in Room 4.02 on the 4th floor of Menzies Building, UCT Upper Campus. 
Get in touch with one of our Technical Officers via email: Justin Pead (White Lab) or Brendon Daniels (Sasol Lab)