A candidate for the MEng in Radar is required to complete core courses totalling 120 credits and a 60 credit minor dissertation.

Each course will typically contain a lecture component of five full days, followed by weekly seminars, tasks and a written examination, over a five-week period after the first, intensive lecture session. The programme is designed to support students that cannot be resident in Cape Town for the full duration to complete all courses, by using distance learning techniques during the follow-up period after each course (after the one week intensive lecture period). All students will, however, have to be present in Cape Town for the one week lecture period for each course. Elements of continuous assessment (problem sets, short projects) and a written examination are utilised to assess the course.

Additional information is available on the Radar Masters website.

Core Courses
Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5004Z Minor Dissertation 60 9
Courses Offered
Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5105Z Fundamentals of Radar Signal and Data Processing 20 9
EEE5108Z Advanced Radar & Electronic Protection Mathematics 20 9
EEE5109Z Multitarget Multisensor Tracking and Data Fusion 20 9
EEE5110Z Clutter and Detection in Clutter 20 9
EEE5111Z High Resolution & Imaging Radar 20 9
EEE5112Z Radar System Modelling 20 9
EEE5114Z Special Topics in Radar A 5 9
EEE5115Z Special Topics in Radar B 5 9
EEE5116Z Special Topics in Radar C 5 9
EEE5117Z Special Topics in Radar D 10 9
EEE5118Z Special Topics in Radar E 10 9
EEE5119Z Introduction to Radar Systems 20 9
EEE5120Z Introduction to Electronic Defence 20 9
EEE5121Z Microwave Components & Antennas 20 9
EEE5131Z Microwave Filters 20 9
EEE5132Z Special Topics in Radar F 20 9
Total credits   180  

Please note that certain courses run every alternate year and courses will only run if there are sufficient students registered for the course.