♦  All degrees within the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (EBE) are internationally accredited, which means your skills will be applicable and transferable anywhere in the world.

♦  Each department is comprised of teaching staff who are experts in their field and are highly active in research projects.

♦  UCT has a high number of engineering research-rated academics. As a result, the Faculty has strong links with industry and government agencies, which commission and fund significant research projects through the various EBE departments.

♦  The Faculty's commitment to teaching and research excellence is matched by its commitment to social service, with many social challenges being addressed through its various research interests.

♦  The Faculty has an illustrious legacy with many of its alumni occupying powerful positions in the business world and politics.

♦  Alumni and corporations support the faculty through bursaries and scholarships, providing many research and study opportunities for students within the EBE Faculty.

♦  The Faculty has a wide array of exciting undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in all departments, giving you the freedom to choose the stream appropriate to your skills and interests.

♦  Links with other African universities and leading academic institutions around the world have encouraged an active student exchange programme between our university and others, as well as bringing world-class researchers and teachers to UCT.

♦  Our graduates are highly sought after; consequently most have already secured employment before they have even graduated.