data planning and design

Planning and Design

data generation

Collect, Generate and Store

  • Common raw data storage area - registered postgraduate students will soon be granted access to common cloud-based data storage

  • We are building an interface to support classification of data and definition of metadata at time of storage

  • Coming soon: Guide being developed on naming, versioning, embedded documentation and control and purging of data no longer in use to manage resources, metadata elements to adhere to international and metadata standards

data analysis

Clean, Analyse & Visualise

  • Process your research data:

  • R, Python, etc.

  • Openrefine for drilling into large datasets:

  • Tableu, Matlab, d3.js etc.

  • Other tools

data storage

Manage, Store and Preserve

Coming soon: A guide on data storage, data retention and archiving of data in the operational area.

publish data

Share and Publish

cite and reuse

Discover, Reuse & Cite

  • Publishing your data allows other researchers to discover your work, reuse your datasets and cite your work.

  • Importance of citing data:

  • How to cite datasets:

Adapted from the UK Data Service